Shell Bank Junior High School is a small, public school located in the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn. We take pride in our strong sense of community, our family atmosphere, our commitment to rigorous instruction, and the rich and varied programs that we offer that nurture the whole child. 

6th grade students are eligible for yellow bus service if you live within District 22.

7th and 8th grade students are eligible for Metro Cards, fare is based on distance from school. 

Free Breakfast: M - F   7:15 - 7:40

School Day: M - F   7:45 - 2:05

Millennium Afterschool : M - F   2:05 - 5:00

6th grade students are dismissed at the front of the building (Batchelder Street) at 2:05

7th and 8th grade students are dismissed on Avenue X at 2:05

Students are required to dress for success in neat, appropriate "School Business" clothing. Students must wear appropriate blouses or tops, skirts (to the knee), or pants. No spaghetti strapped tank tops are permitted. Graphic tees, miniskirts, shorts more than 1 inch above the knee are also not permitted. Footwear can be shoes or sneakers. No hats, hoods, du-rags, beads, bandanas are to be worn on school property. If your child comes to school with any of these items, a family member will be called to pick up the student. 

All incoming students will be given a school ID with their picture on it. He/she will use it to enter the school building. School IDs will also be used for breakfast and lunch. all students must have their ID every day. If your child loses an ID they will be given a replacement free of charge. The third time lost there will be a charge of 5.00. All IDs are used from the 6th-8th grade. 



Tel. 718-743-0220

Fax. 718-769-8632

2424 Batchelder Street

Brooklyn, NY 11235



Monday - Friday 7:45 - 2:05

Parent Engagement Time

Tuesday 2:05 - 2:40

After School

Monday - Friday 2:05 - 5:00 


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