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District 22 Screened Program for Advanced Learners


Infinity is an innovative and transformative screened enrichment program that pushes the boundaries of traditional education. Designed for highly motivated and intellectually curious middle school students, Infinity offers an unparalleled learning experience that combines rigorous academic curriculum and immersive opportunities. With a focus on fostering critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration, Infinity empowers students to explore a wide range of disciplines and encourages them to think beyond conventional boundaries. Through personalized support, hands-on projects, and access to content experts, Infinity aims to cultivate the next generation of leaders and innovators, equipping them with the skills and mindset necessary to tackle the complex challenges of the future.

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Our exciting new enrichment class in the Infinity program  will enhance our students' English Language Arts (ELA) skills. As educators, we understand the importance of fostering a love for reading, writing, and effective communication in our students. With Infinity, we aim to provide an enriching experience that goes beyond the traditional ELA curriculum.


 We will unlock the exciting world of mathematics through our Middle School Math Enrichment program! Designed to ignite curiosity and deepen understanding, this program offers a dynamic blend of hands-on activities, problem-solving challenges, and interactive lessons. Through collaborative projects and real-life applications, students develop critical thinking skills, boost their mathematical confidence, and discover the beauty of mathematics.


Our program goes beyond the traditional classroom experience, offering hands-on experiments, engaging demonstrations, and immersive activities that will bring science to life before your eyes.  Our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of scientific disciplines, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the natural world.  Students will be inspired, empowered, and equipped with the knowledge and skills to become the next generation of innovative thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders. 

Enrichment Classes 

During their three-year tenure in the Infinity program, students have the unique opportunity to explore a diverse range of enrichment classes, fostering their holistic development and preparing them for future success. The program offers an array of captivating subjects, including music, dance, art, technology, Chinese language, and specialized high school preparation.


In the realm of music, students are introduced to the world of melody and harmony, learning to play various instruments and developing their musical skills. Through engaging lessons and interactive sessions, they gain a deeper appreciation for different genres and styles, nurturing their creativity and self-expression.


The dance classes provide a platform for students to express themselves physically and rhythmically. They learn a variety of dance forms, including classical, contemporary, and cultural dances, enhancing their coordination, discipline, and artistic expression. These classes not only instill grace and poise but also cultivate a sense of teamwork and self-confidence.


Art classes encourage students to unleash their imagination and tap into their artistic potential. They explore different mediums, such as painting, sculpture, and mixed media, as they learn various techniques and styles. Through hands-on projects and experimentation, students develop their artistic skills while discovering their unique artistic voices.


In the technology classes, students dive into the exciting world of coding, robotics, and digital innovation. They acquire essential computational thinking and problem-solving skills while exploring cutting-edge technologies. By engaging in hands-on projects and challenges, they cultivate a passion for innovation and develop a solid foundation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields.


Chinese language classes equip students with valuable linguistic and cultural knowledge. Through interactive lessons and immersive experiences, students learn to read, write, and speak Mandarin Chinese. They also delve into Chinese culture, traditions, and history, fostering cross-cultural understanding and communication skills.


The specialized high school preparation classes aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for excelling in entrance exams and the competitive high school admissions process. Students receive comprehensive guidance and instruction, covering critical thinking, problem-solving, writing, and test-taking strategies. They engage in mock exams, interview simulations, and personalized coaching, empowering them to perform their best in high-stakes assessments.


Overall, the Infinity program's enrichment classes offer a rich and well-rounded educational experience, nurturing students' artistic, linguistic, technological, and academic pursuits. Through these diverse offerings, students are provided with a solid foundation for personal growth, academic achievement, and a lifelong love of learning.

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