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On Friday, we honored and inducted our Arista & Archon students for the 2024 school year. 🎉 We rewarded students who have shown exceptional dedication to giving back to the school community and achieving academic excellence. The beautiful ceremony began with the national anthem, sung by our talented student, Reina Barret, followed by inspiring speeches from Principal Ahearn and the class of 2024 valedictorian, Iman Nawaz. A special guest, a graduate from the class of 2016, Armyda Escobar, shared her experiences since graduating, adding a heartfelt touch to the event. The ceremony featured the symbolic lighting of candles as students were recognized for their character, scholarship, leadership, and service, culminating in a stellar performance from our school band. 🎶 Special thanks to our students, parents, and to all those who made this event memorable. 🌟

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