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Our students have been hard at work, memorizing digits of pi for weeks in preparation for our schoolwide Pi Day Contest. Today, we crowned champions and awarded special prizes to those who showcased their incredible memory skills. But Pi Day isn't just about numbers; it's about understanding the significance of pi itself.

Beyond memorization, our students are diving deep into the meaning behind pi, exploring its applications in the real world. From engineering to architecture, pi plays a crucial role in shaping our understanding of mathematics and its practical applications.

A big shoutout to all our students who participated, whether as competitors or supportive spectators. Your enthusiasm and sportsmanship truly made this day special. And the math fun doesn't stop here! Throughout March, our math teachers will continue to bring math to life with exciting March Mathness Activities. Stay tuned for more math adventures ahead! 📚✨ #PiDay #Mathematics #MarchMathness #ShellBank #District22BrooklynNY

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