Here’s what you can start doing this summer, to explore the world of High School, all without leaving your home:   

1.) Subscribe to our email lists to get the latest updates on high school admissions, https://www.schools.nyc.gov/sign-up

 2.) Learn about High School Admissions in our 2021 High School Admissions Guide. NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE! (See attachment). You can now view and download our PDF and web accessible versions. You will receive the physical version of the HS Guide when we return to school this fall. 

This book is two guides in one:

  A.) The High School and Specialized High School Admissions Guide includes everything you need to know about applying to high school in New York City including how to participate in Specialized High Schools admissions. 

  B.) The Guide to the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT), offers policy, test tips and practice exams. 

 3.) Start exploring your high school options online with MySchools, https://www.myschools.nyc . The MySchools directory contains the most up-to-date, detailed information on all NYC public high schools and programs. Save or print the pages of your favorite programs to browse offline.* 

4.) Over the summer, using the 2021 High School Admissions Guide and MySchools.nyc, make a written list of about 20-25 High School programs that interest you. 

5.) COMING SOON: Watch our new video series – we'll walk you through the steps of applying to high school in New York City. 

*At this time, you cannot create your myschools account. You can, however, go onto https://www.myschools.nyc, scroll down to where it says "Browse the school directory!", click onto it and begin to explore all of the High Schools across NYC! 

I am here to answer any and all of your questions regarding the 2021 High School Admissions Process!!  Best, Ms. Serio School Counselor Intermediate School 14 Remind code: @jserio  email: jserio@schools.nyc.gov



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