March 2019

Dear Parents:

As you know, all students are issued an ID card. If a student loses the card, they are given a free replacement. If they lose it more than one time, the cost to replace it is $ 5.00. All students are required to have their ID with them every day. Students swipe in to enter the building, and use the card in the cafeteria for lunch.

School policy is that students must have their ID cards for trips and activities. The students are aware of this, and are reminded when each trip is announced, and when they enter the building each day.

Eighth grade students have been reminded, and have been offered the opportunity to replace lost cards on several occasions. They have been reminded that they need to have their ID , and swipe in every morning in order to be considered for senior activities. Students who do not have an ID card, and who do not use it to swipe in every morning, will not be permitted to sign up for senior activities.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Mrs. Ahearn



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