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Tips for Students and Families

Your child’s school has many ways to tell how well students are learning, including class work, projects, and quizzes. The State tests that are coming up soon are just another method of finding out how your child is progressing in math and English Language Arts. They are

important for students, but also for teachers and schools, who use the results to improve instruction and to provide support to all students. Here is what you need to know about State exams: Moving on to the next grade and admissions to other schools are not based mainly on State exams. A school’s staff and parents know their school best. We honor that knowledge and give the school community the opportunity to work together to develop and implement a plan to make their school better and improve outcomes for all students.

Key Changes

Responding to concerns from parents and educators, last year, the State made these changes to the tests that remain in effect this year:

  • Fewer questions

  • No time limit for students as long as they are working productively—reducing stress for

students and allowing them to work at their own pace

  • Teachers have a stronger role in developing the tests, and test outcomes do not affect teacher evaluations. NYC teachers are in the classroom to lead rich academic instruction, not teach to a test!


  • The night before each test, don’t have your child try to cram

  • Enjoy a favorite meal and share a relaxing evening together

  • Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep; rest is important

  • In the morning, encourage your child to have breakfast, either at home or in school

  • Remind your child that everyone feels stressed at times, and that some stress can be helpful to complete tasks

  • Tell your child you have confidence in their ability

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NYC Schools Account

We ask that all families set up a NYC Schools Account Today if you have not done so already. Please follow the attached direction.



Tel. 718-743-0220

Fax. 718-769-8632

2424 Batchelder Street

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* please note that if the school building is closed, no one will be answering  the phone lines. We ask that you reach out to us via email or REMIND.

Contact Administration through Remind

Ms.  Ahearn, Principal 

Text  @tahear to 81010

Ms. DeVito, AP (8th grade)

Text @apdevit  to 81010

Ms. Turchiano, AP

Text @apturch to 81010

 To contact Ms. Maffeo, our Parent Coordinator and receive school messages on Remind:

6th grade: text @b9e6k4 to 81010

7th grade: text @9kf3b8 to 81010

8th grade: text @26b6agg to 81010

call Ms. Maffeo at 917-830-7284



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