Dear Parents/Guardians of Grade 8:

All 8th grade students/families that applied to High School will receive their High School Acceptance letter by Friday, March 20th. Offer letters will include each student’s high school offer and/or Specialized High School results, if applicable. All information regarding the high school results will be provided to all families in three ways:

1. Via US mail,

2. Your account, and/or

3. Your school counselor can print each student’s offer letter.

There will be no Round 2 of the high school admissions process this year. Instead, all high school programs (except the nine Specialized High School) will have waitlists. Waitlists will open after offer letters come out March 20th.

Information about Waitlists

Offer letters will include a list of programs where each student has been waitlisted. Students will be automatically added to the waitlist of any program that they listed higher on their application than the program where they received an offer. For Example: if your child gets an offer to their #5 choice, they will automatically be waitlisted for choices #1-4 on their application.

If you have any questions/concerns about the High School Admissions Acceptance Letter, feel free to call, e-mail or see me at our upcoming Parent-Teacher Conference on Thursday, March 12th evening.


Ms. Serio

8th Grade School Counselor

(718) 743-0220 ext. 3195


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